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Who’s Robbing Us of Our Legacy?

We are blessed and privileged to live in a country whose earth covers the physical remains of thousands of years of history. Apparently, grave robbers and antiquities bandits aren’t all that interested in the story behind the artifacts; their only interest is cash, and in pursuit of an easy payday they don’t care if they destroy the physical record of ... Read More »

In-Depth Jpost article explains situation in the Negev

Following a Regavim air-tour of the Negev given to Jerusalem Post columnist and editor Seth Frantzman, and a video he put together documenting his experience, Frantzman then wrote a detailed article for the paper explaining the situation in regard to the Bedouin housing crisis.   Here is the link to his in-depth article.   Read More »

Jerusalem Post Tours the Negev By Air with Regavim

The The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com‘s op-ed editor, columnist, and reporter Seth J. Frantzman wrote in detail about his experience visiting the Negev by land and by air with Regavim. Included in the post is the video below, which he put together from his seat on a small plane above the Be’er Sheva area, where he saw firsthand the expansive illegal building in ... Read More »

Explaining Why Order is Needed in the Negev (audio)

Listen to a radio interview on the Land of Israel Radio Network with Regavim’s Meir Deutsch on the organization’s new policy paper and campaign on the need for Israel to restore law and order in the Negev when it comes to Bedouin settlement. Click here to LISTEN Read More »

Is Israel losing the Negev?

What is bigger than Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Be’er Sheva combined? Watch this video to find out, and PLEASE SHARE! Each and every dona­tion, no matter the amount, helps us ensure our greatest asset, the Land of Israel is dealt with responsibly in a legal and environmentally friendly manner. There are a variety of ways to get involved. Donations ... Read More »

Plan for regulating Bedouin settlement in the Negev

                                        Since the founding of Regavim over a decade ago, one of the major issues we have been working on is finding a solution for the colossal problem of illegal construction by the Bedouin community in the Negev desert. There are ... Read More »

Regavim leads Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) on tour of E1

On May 22, just several days before Israel celebrated the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem and the liberation of Judea, Samaria, the Golan, etc. Regavim was honored to spend the morning touring with the pro-Israel Americans for a Safe Israel (AFSI) organization. Regavim representatives took AFSI to the E1 region, which connects Jerusalem to Ma’ale Adumim. While successive ... Read More »

Palestinians trespass, farm on Jordan Valley minefields

As reported by Israel Hayom:  “Despite area being clearly marked as dangerous and entry prohibited, farmers are encouraged by left-wing activists to enter and farm there, says Regavim movement report • IDF deployed soldiers to stop incursions, but trespassers fled before they arrived.” The pressure must be enormous by anti-Israel NGO’s and the Palestinian Authority if Arab farmers are willing ... Read More »


  Response comes after UNESCO vote denying Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, and after Regavim report on illegal UN activity in the Jerusalem Armon Hanatziv compound JERUSALEM (May 3, 2017) The Regavim organization is calling on Prime Minister Netanyahu to respond to the anti-Semitic declaration of UNESCO denying Israel’s historical and modern-day connection to Jerusalem, by evicting that organization from its ... Read More »

Game Changing “Kaminitz Law” will help in battle against illegal building

Here is an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post / JPost.com by Regavim’s Josh Hasten on a new game changing law – known as the “Kaminitz Law,” which will allow local authorities to crack down on illegal building in #Israel. This is especially relevant in northern Israel where according to Regavim’s research, in 95% of the Arab towns and villages in that area, ... Read More »

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