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Why Bother with Facts When Fake News is So Much Easier?

Apparently, Haaretz and Zehava Galon don’t need to stick to the facts or check what’s really happening on the ground. Under the blazing headline “Stop the Evictions,” this morning’s editorial in Haaretz unleashed a full-scale attack, notifying readers in Israel and around the world that the State of Israel is planning to evict hundreds of unfortunate Palestinian Bedouin, victims of ... Read More »

8 EU Countries Demand Compensation for Illegal Building

Published on MenaWatch (in German), Mena-Watch – The Independent Middle East Thinktank (Vienna): EU-Länder fordern Entschädigung für illegale Siedlungen in der Westbank The recent “threat” by 8 European Union members to sue the Israeli government for compensation would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating: With this claim for compensation, these countries finally admit that they were actively involved in ... Read More »

Right Under Our Noses

[gview file=”http://www.regavim.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Before-and-After-Near-Givat-Brenner.docx”]A brief history lesson: The first reports regarding this problem were submitted to the authorities back in the days when Eli Yishai was Minister of the Interior (he, too, received written notification of the problem), all the way back in 2011(!) when our field staff discovered a large Bedouin encampment, complete with building materials and agricultural equipment, adjacent to ... Read More »

Sussiya and Khan al Akhmar: Truth and Lies

A Day of Reckoning for the Anti-Israel Left Arik Ascherman’s recent article in the Jerusalem Post, in which he reported on his “testimony” before a US Senate briefing convened by the Rebuilding Alliance, is a pristine example of selective reporting and purposeful omission. In a manipulative misuse of the emotive words of our liturgy, Ascherman implied that the Government of ... Read More »

Workman’s Holiday?

The long Sukkot vacation was used to full advantage for illegal Palestinian construction throughout Israel – but most effectively at the site of the illegal outpost springing up adjacent to the Israel Railroad tunnel in the Jerusalem Corridor, despite a High Court order forbidding work at the site. Regavim’s field workers have documented the “Workman’s Holiday” that is celebrated throughout ... Read More »

Regavim Responds to High Court Rejection of Petition

“Despite the Court’s disappointing but not unexpected decision, our petition achieved its purpose by spotlighting the problematic conduct of Israel’s judiciary. This decision is one more example of Supreme Court rulings that blur the boundaries between the three branches of government. In this most recent instance, the Court has once again eroded the authority of the executive and legislative branches ... Read More »

Regavim responds to Chief Justice Naor:

What does Political Bias Smell Like?     Chief Justice Miriam Naor’s response to the motion filed by Regavim is another example of Israel’s Judicial Branch overstepping its boundaries: The only body empowered with the authority to decide whether or not a ceremony is an official state event is the Government of Israel, the Executive Branch. Chief Justice Naor’s response ... Read More »


“The High Court of Justice is not above the law.” Following Chief Justice Miriam Naor’s decision to prevent an official representative of the Judicial Branch from participating in an official State ceremony marking 50 years since the liberation of Judea and Samaria, scheduled for tomorrow evening in Gush Etzion, The Regavim Movement filed an emergency motion with the High Court ... Read More »

Who’s Robbing Us of Our Legacy?

We are blessed and privileged to live in a country whose earth covers the physical remains of thousands of years of history. Apparently, grave robbers and antiquities bandits aren’t all that interested in the story behind the artifacts; their only interest is cash, and in pursuit of an easy payday they don’t care if they destroy the physical record of ... Read More »

In-Depth Jpost article explains situation in the Negev

Following a Regavim air-tour of the Negev given to Jerusalem Post columnist and editor Seth Frantzman, and a video he put together documenting his experience, Frantzman then wrote a detailed article for the paper explaining the situation in regard to the Bedouin housing crisis.   Here is the link to his in-depth article.   Read More »

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