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Regavim in the English-Language Media

In a recent edition of the NSN Radio Network’s Israel Show with Meir Weingarten, the topic of the day was the current situation in the Negev. The show’s host, a long-time follower of Regavim’s activities, had some important words for his listeners about Regavim. Catch the entire show here, or tune in to the segment about Regavim beginning at 14 ... Read More »

If the Mountain Won’t Come to Mohamed, Who Will?!

Don’t be alarmed by the attached photo; our account hasn’t been hacked. What you see is our most recent attempt to overcome the bureaucratic hurdles that stand in the way of our fight to defend the law and pursue justice. Recently, Israel’s High Court of Justice began requiring us to serve papers to the defendants in a number of lawsuits ... Read More »

High Court to Bedouin Municipalities: Collect Taxes or your Budgets Will Be Docked


As a result of a lawsuit filed by Regavim against Bedouin municipalities that have never collected local residential or commercial taxes (arnona), the High Court of Justice issued a stern warning: “If taxes are not collected by August, a commensurate sum will be deducted from the budget paid by the State to these municipalities.” The High Court of Justice has ... Read More »

An Important First Step Toward Restoring Israeli Sovereignty in The South

In a pre-dawn raid, a large force of Israel Police and Border Police, with aerial support provided by helicopter and ground support provided by canine units and horseback forces, descended on the Bedouin village of Bir Hadage, near the IDF Training Base at Tze’elim. In the course of the police action, two stolen IDF Sufa jeeps, which had been concealed ... Read More »

Playing Games with Our Children’s Safety

How would you react to an illegal, unlicensed amusement park – with no oversight or insurance? Playgrounds, public parks, and amusement attractions in Israel are required to be licensed and to submit to periodic safety inspections in order to prevent injury, or worse. But in Kfar Nahaf, a village in the north of Israel, the law is completely disregarded – ... Read More »

No More Burying Our Heads in the Sand

The Camel Law Passes its First Reading in the Knesset Regavim publicized and petitioned, wrote letters and legislation, kept the issue alive in the media and the Knesset, and at long last, our efforts paid off: The Camel Law passed the first legislative hurdle towards enactment. Although there’s still a long way to go before the final ratification of the ... Read More »

The Palestinian Millionaire and the Road to Rawabi

What Happens When a Palestinian Millionaire Paves an Illegal Road on Private Land? The benefactor-developer of the Palestinian city of Rawabi is a Palestinian multi-millionaire named Bashar Al-Masri. The massive new city is located in Area A, under full Palestinian Authority jurisdiction – but the access road to the city lies in Area A, an area under full Israeli jurisdiction, ... Read More »

The Ram Pond: Vanishing Beauty

  The Ram Pond in the Golan Heights is a natural gem. This natural sweet-water lake was formed at the foot of Mount Hermon in one of Israel’s rare volcano craters. On the banks of the lake, palatial villas and guesthouses are being built illegally, and no one has done a thing about it. The ongoing saga of the Ram ... Read More »

A Stream is Born: Massive Ecological Damage Caused by Untreated Sewage on Route 465

Untreated sewage sourced in the Arab villages in the Bir Zeit area has been flowing for months into the adjacent valley, causing massive pollution and serious health hazards. Regavim demands that the Ministries of Defense and Environmental Protection take immediate action. Anyone travelling along Route 465 – The Trans-Binyamin Highway – near the city of Rawabi and the community of ... Read More »

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