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An End to Unlicensed Filling Stations


After Regavim raised the issue of pirate gas stations in southern Israel, it seems that the authorities are finally dealing with the phenomenon.

 In the course of the last months, Regavim contacted all the relevant authorities, including the police, Interior Ministry, Ministry of Infrastructures and to the Environmental Protection Ministry and demanded that they take action against the hundred or so pirate filling stations that operate throughout the Negev and sell diesel fuel for automobiles that does not meet standards.

 Experts warn that polluted diesel fuel causes severe damage to the environment and causes significant air pollution. In addition, use of diesel fuel that does not meet standards creates a danger to the vehicle safety and may cause technical difficulties that can endanger lives.

These pirate stations operate among the Bedouin settlements scattered around the Negev, and in many cases the “attendants” are children who cannot be held responsible by law.

As mentioned before, in the last few months Regavim contacted all the relevant authorities in charge of this matter with the demand that they take action against this flagrant disregard of the law that harms the air and the environment, as well as endangers the lives of the drivers in the south.

After a series of evasive reactions on the part of the authorities, who passed off the responsibility from one to the other, Regavim initiated a meeting with the Minster for Environmental Protection Gilad Erdan and the heads of his office. In that meeting, the minister and his staff showed great understanding regarding the significance of dealing with the issue and expressed their readiness to act to stamp out this blight. As a result, Regavim initiated a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructures, and brought about a renewal of cooperation between the Fuel Authority in that ministry and the Ministry for Environmental Protection.

As a result, the Ministry of Environmental Protection inspectors are meant to begin to act soon against the dangerous and illegal pirate gas stations.

Regavim will continue to follow up on how enforcement is implemented, in the hope that this phenomenon will be completely uprooted for the good of the people of the Negev.