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  • Gathering data
  • Conducting field surveys
  • Parliamentary and international advocacy to promote the national interests of the State of Israel
  • Producing and publishing public reports
  • Writing and promoting ideas, work plans and legislation to protect national interests
  • Drafting implementable recommendations and solutions
  • Forming a strong lobby among decision makers and molders of public opinion
  • Constantly checking the actions of the state authorities in dealing with this issue
  • Wide-scale publicity and advocacy to increase public awareness
  • Legal action against the land, building and environmental violators
  • Documenting and Recording the status of land all over Israel
  • Initiating and bolstering joint ventures with other Zionist organizations with common interests

One comment

  1. I fully support your goals and would like to help!

    I sincerely believe there is a limited window of opportunity to largely resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and that the proposal outlined here is reasonable and inevitable. Please pass it on to anyone and everyone who is involved in this conversation and especially any contacts you have in the Israeli or American government. As an experienced writer and oral advocate, I am willing to help your organization spread this message in any way I can.

    Thanks much!

    Steve Frank


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