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A Leumit Medical Clinic Prevents Construction of an Access Road in a Bedouin Village

A Leumit Medical Clinic operating within an illegal building in the Bedouin village El Sayed is disrupting the paving of an access road to the village.  Regavim has been pressing for a long time to complete the paving and is considering approaching the Supreme Court.

El Sayed Bedouin Village

Construction of the access road in the Bedouin village of El Sayed in the Negev, where hundreds of families live, has still not materialized after an extended period of time because the local clinic branch of Leumit is located on the route of the planned road. El Sayed is one of the villages in the El Ksom Bedouin Region that has been accepted by the State to be recognized as a community.

In the last two years, the Authority for regulating Bedouin communities has finalized the main access road design for the community. In order to pave the road, trees were uprooted and several illegal structures that were on the planned road were evacuated.  The only structure left on the road is an illegal structure where Leumit operates.

Despite the fact that there is an existing judicial demolition order that was supposed to go into effect in the beginning of 2016, the local authorities have not rushed to start the demolition.  In recent months, Regavim has conducted extensive correspondence with the regional council and is considering appealing to the High Court in the event the illegal building is not demolished in the near future.

In recent years, Regavim has monitored the regulation of Bedouin villages in the El Ksom Bedouin Region and El Sayed in particular. The monitoring includes ongoing correspondence with the various authorities in order to ensure the progress of the regulation of the communities, and the provision of services provided to residents and citizens with equal rights and duties.

“One of the most important projects in the Negev is the community of El Sayed and therefore we are investing a special effort”, says Amichai Yogev, coordinator of the Southern District for Regavim.  “We are dealing with a big settlement that the access road  to it was through a narrow dirt road and distorted . The authorities wanted to promote a normal pavement of the road, so we were surprised to discover that it was the very structure of Leumit that had remained standing like a sore thumb on the route of the road, and is one of the last obstacles that prevent the construction of the access road to the settlement.”

“Along with the consistent and systematic requests by us that the Bedouin citizens be citizens with equal obligations, Regavim makes sure that their rights are also taken care of,” says Yogev.  “Since the Leumit structure is illegal, and the residents of El Sayed deserve a proper wide road with proper safety standards, we will continue to apply pressure until the business at hand is taken care of.”