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A Break Through the Wall of the Temple Mount

Who is behind the planned Break through the wall of the Temple Mount?
(And why is the country ignoring it completely ?!)

Lately, the Muslim Waqf has been carrying out destructive work on the archaeological site adjacent to the Temple Mount for the purpose of preparing a public use for the benefit of Muslim worshipers. This can cause sewer from the compound to permeate the Western Wall Tunnels. They have a planned breakthrough wall of the Temple Mount to allow access to the site services, hacking it a fatal blow to the ancient wall, surrounding antiquities, and what remains from the Israeli sovereignty.

During March 2016, Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) filed a claim against the Muslim Waqf in Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court, and the court issued a temporary restraining order which was canceled after a short time by a directive from the prime minister until July. Why? So that the new compound can be used by arabs during ramadan and the government will then have peace and quiet.

This situation cannot continue:

This week, we issued an urgent letter to the prime minister, the mayor of Jerusalem and Minister Regev that the (IAA) is under her wing. We are also preparing a petition on the matter to the Supreme Court. This destruction of Jewish History can not continue on the Temple Mount.

Please write to Minister Miri Regev to use all her powers and influence on the prime minister to stop this disgrace.

Break in Temple Mount Wall