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Bedouin’s guide to the Negev: How to make a fortune at the State’s expense


“Meet Abed. Abed is an 18-year-old Bedouin who lives in an ‘unrecognized’ squatters’ camp in the Negev. He’s a spontaneous, sensitive guy – and he’s nobody’s fool.” Regavim’s video illustrates why, despite the state’s efforts to create legal, organized communities for Israeli Bedouin, complete with municipal infrastructure and modern services, these attempts have failed over […]

Polygamy in the Bedouin sector: A ticking time-bomb that nearly exploded


Today (September 7), the Shin Bet security agency announced that it foiled a Hamas bombing attack at Bilu Junction in central Israel. Mahmud Makdad, an Israeli citizen from the Bedouin town of Segev Shalom in the Negev, was apprehended as he attempted to plant an explosive device in a bus stop at the bustling junction. […]

Truth About The Bedouin

ניירות עמדה

Dismissing and disproving the various Bedouin myths || January 2018

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