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8 EU Countries Demand Compensation for Illegal Building

Published on MenaWatch (in German), Mena-Watch – The Independent Middle East Thinktank (Vienna):

EU-Länder fordern Entschädigung für illegale Siedlungen in der Westbank

The recent “threat” by 8 European Union members to sue the Israeli government for compensation would be funny if it weren’t so infuriating: With this claim for compensation, these countries finally admit that they were actively involved in the illegal construction of over 1000 structures in the Adumim Region, an area under full Israeli administration and authority under the Oslo II Accords – to which the EU is a signatory! In an absurd, twisted, and cynical abuse of Israel’s legal system, these countries intend to invoke the rule of law in support of their own violation of the law.

Mr. James Carver, a Member of the European Parliament and the EU Committee on Foreign Affairs, summarized the absurdity of the situation in a letter to the members of the European Union in February 2015:

“I regret to say, that the actions that have been made on behalf of the EU… do not comply with … the Founding Treaties (of the European Union). They are (1) disrespectful of the Rule of Law, (2) clearly illegal under International Law, and (3) in some of the cases damaging to the environment and destructive of nature.”
The[se actions] are disrespectful of the Rule of Law, because constructing buildings without building permits is a manifest violation of law. A country where anyone builds wherever he wants, in complete disregard of zoning laws and without building permits, would be terrible to live in and is a country with no rule of law. Clearly, EU Member States would not allow such behaviour within their own borders, nor would the EU endorse or fund it anywhere within the European Union. So why would the EU do so outside its borders?”

Why, indeed? The European Union made a conscious decision, documented in official EU documents in 2011, to assist in bringing to fruition the Fayyad Plan for creating a de facto Palestinian State in Area C: “The European Union and the Palestinian Authority are now actively participating in the planning and and zoning of area C which, if successful, could pave the way for development and more authority of the Palestinian Authority over area C.”

In short:
*The EU and its members are aware of – and now have publicly taken responsibility for – illegal activities aimed at undermining a negotiated solution for the issues it claims to champion.
*The EU and each of its member states are aware of Israel’s humanitarian proposals for housing solutions for the Bedouin – and have rejected all compromise.
*These eight countries have contravened the Oslo Accords and violated the founding charter of the European Union by participating in building the illegal structures in Area C for which they now seeks compensation.
*The EU and the eight countries now demanding compensation have knowingly and purposefully violated international law and colluded with the Palestinian Authority in its attempts to unilaterally establish a Palestinian State.
*The current compensation claim intends to use Israel’s commitment to law and order and its legal system – for which the EU and these eight member-countries have displayed nothing but disdain – to support illegal activities.