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Regavim Responds to High Court Rejection of Petition

“Despite the Court’s disappointing but not unexpected decision, our petition achieved its purpose by spotlighting the problematic conduct of Israel’s judiciary. This decision is one more example of Supreme Court rulings that blur the boundaries between the three branches of government. In this most recent instance, the Court has once again eroded the authority of the executive and legislative branches of Israel’s government, dealing a mortal blow to the concept of the division of powers upon which democratic government is based. At the same time, the Court has caused serious damage to the public’s faith in the impartiality of Israel’s judicial system.”


“We are certain that all of Israel’s Supreme Court justices will attend the state ceremony marking the next fifty years, by which time the legislative and executive branches of Israel’s government will have taken the necessary steps to shore up the lines that demarcate the three branches of government, as befits a healthy democracy.”

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